Summer Activities

Summer time, days are long and well filled. Work has been pressing, stocktakes and un-cooperative suppliers. Domestic responsibilities and engagements have seriously cut into my blog writing time. Now I have to admit I've got a great life but I have not sat down to write a post in a while. Instead this week I … Continue reading Summer Activities


Bladeworks 2019: A Review

This weekend was the 2019 Bladeworks run by the Medieval Combat Group. I was there and had a thoroughly good time, let me tell you about it... The event was held in an old garden centre that had been converted into an indoor archery range, boxing club and tabletop wargaming venue (the latter two available … Continue reading Bladeworks 2019: A Review

SportyHEMA vs The Art – My take on a divisive issue.

There was no post last week as all the things seemed to be happening all at once, work, home and everything else as well. I'm really pleased that there has been a lot of discussion around the subject of my last post. The Irish HEMA scene does seem serious about making tournaments safer, reducing injuries … Continue reading SportyHEMA vs The Art – My take on a divisive issue.