Summer Activities

Summer time, days are long and well filled. Work has been pressing, stocktakes and un-cooperative suppliers. Domestic responsibilities and engagements have seriously cut into my blog writing time. Now I have to admit I’ve got a great life but I have not sat down to write a post in a while.

Instead this week I have a gallery of some of the things that the Peasants and our sister groups have been up to.

First a few more pictures from the Galway Medieval Day, courtesy of Caroline Walsh and Martin Moran.

Between us the Peasants brought Longsword and Sabre to the streets of Galway

We were joined by the Knights of Fergus, doing demos of Fiore

There was sparring with the Galway Gallowglass(es?)


Some armoured spectacle for all the family

Next, thanks to the Medieval Combat Group and Sightseer videography, there’s a few more shots of the excellent Bladeworks 2019.


I’m very hopeful that normal waffling will be resumed next week, so there’s that to ‘look forward’ to!